House Rules

We aspire that all our guests enjoy their stay in our apartments and using all comfort.
Please follow the below rules so that the future guests can benefit from the same!

  1. All guests must be registered and should sign the check-in document and house rules upon arrival. By doing so, you accept the rules and their consequences.
  2. Only registered guests can stay on the premises. In case you wish to welcome visitors, you are obliged to inform the owner in advance.
  3. You may use all household and kitchen appliances at your own risk.
  4. Smoking is forbidden in the entire premise. In case of cigarette butt found or smoke identified, all the security deposit will be withheld. In case these rules are compromised a second time, guests must leave immediately
  5. When using the Pool please pay attention to your safety and pay special attention to kids. The pool cannot be used after sunset and please pay attention to the purity of the water.

Thanks for your understandig. We wish you a pleasant stay!

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